Trans Visibility


Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender people have existed across myriad cultures and throughout history. Yet they often face disproportionate - and sometimes extreme - discrimination, persecution and violence around the world. There are fifty countries that criminalize being transgender explicitly or implicitly, and a backlash against trans people is threatening their rights - and even their existence - in many places.

Fortunately, the movement for transgender liberation has made incredible progress in recent years, led by thousands of fierce and savvy activists across the globe. In 2019 the World Health Organization removed being transgender from its classification of mental illnesses, and approximately 15 countries now allow transgender people to change their legal gender with a relatively simple declaration.

Ensuring full acceptance, inclusion, and human rights for transgender people is a key priority for OutRight. Whether partnering with transgender organizations on the ground, providing grants during the pandemic to transgender communities, or insisting that “trans rights are human rights” at United Nations Headquarters, we envision a world where no one in the transgender community gets left behind.

Trans Day of Visibility is an important celebration of existence, pride and resiliency for trans and gender non-conforming people around the world. To mark the coming of Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, OutRight will be amplifying the voices of and issues facing trans people everywhere and raising funds to support our trans-specific programming through a special campaign culminating at the end of the month.

Join us in solidarity to help raise the visibility of and support for transgender people everywhere.

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