Can’t Cancel Pride

Can’t Cancel Pride

June is Pride month - four weeks usually filled with parades, protest marches and a variety of other expressions for the dignity, equality and human rights of LGBTIQ people. It is a time for LGBTIQ movements to reflect on the progress so far, and build momentum for the much needed change still to come. 

It is also a time when allies from different sectors, including the private sector, express their commitment to LGBTIQ equality. 

OutRight is thrilled to partner with P&G and iHeart Radio on the “Can’t Cancel Pride” campaign. While physical events are cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing can cancel Pride or what it stands for. In this spirit, one June 25 P&G and iHeart Radio, along with numerous other partners and supporters, will host a virtual event featuring inspirational voices from the LGBTQ community and allies - including from OutRight. The event will also feature global talent, including Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Sia and others. 

The surrounding #CantCancelPride campaign, which will run throughout June culminating with the event on June 25, aims to raise $5 million for LGBTIQ equality and racial justice, with proceeds going to six different civil society organizations including OutRight Action International. 

Tune in on June 25. The event will be streamed on iHeartRadio’s Facebook and Instagram pages, iHeartRadio’s and broadcast on iHeartMedia stations nationwide, and on the iHeartRadio app at 9 p.m. EST