A Celebration of Courage: Human Rights Awards


The Felipa de Souza Award

The Felipa de Souza Award recognizes the courage and activism of grassroots groups and individuals working for the fundamental human rights of all people. The Award embodies the spirit and story of Felipa de Souza who endured persecution and brutality after proudly declaring her intimacy with a woman during a 16th century inquisition trial in Brazil. Since 1994, IGLHRC has presented the award to inspiring and courageous advocates in the human rights movement to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.


The OUTSPOKEN Award recognizes the leadership of a global ally to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community whose outspokenness has contributed substantially to advancing the rights and understanding of LGBT people everywhere.

The Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is designed to pay tribute to special individuals, companies, and organizations whose contributions to advancing human rights regardless of sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or expression, and/or HIV status have been particularly significant to IGLHRC and its work.


Previous Felipa de Souza Honorees

  • 2013: Yasemin Öz, esq., Turkey
  • 2012: Karen Atala, Chile
  • 2011: Mongolian LGBT Centre, Mongolia
  • 2010: Colombia Diversa, Colombia
  • 2009: Helem, Turkey
  • 2008: Andrés Ignacio Rivera Duarte, Chile; Iranian Queer Organization, Canada
  • 2007: Blue Diamond Society, Nepal
  • 2006: Rauda Morcos, ASWAT, Palestinian Activist from Haifa, Israel
  • 2005: Gay and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), Zimbabwe
  • 2004: The Gender/Sexuality Rights Association of Taiwan (G/STRAT), Taiwan
  • 2003: Lohana Berkins, Argentina
  • 2002: Elizabeth Calvet, Brazil (Honorary Posthumous Award); Marta Lucia Alvarez Giraldo, Marta Lucia Tamayo Rincon, and Alba Nelly Montoya, Colombia; Cui Zi En, China; Maher Sabry, Egypt
  • 2001: Companions on a Journey and Women’s Support Group, Sri Lanka; Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays, Jamaica; Luis Gauthier (1950-2000), Chile (honorary Posthumous Awards)
  • 2000: Dejan Nebrigic (1970-1999), Serbia (Honorary Posthumous Award); Ditshwanelo- The Botswana Center for Human Rights, Botswana; Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), USA; William Hernandez, El Salvador
  • 1999: Aung Myo Min, Burma; Prudence Mabele, South Africa; Kiri Kiri and Chingu Sai, Korea; Simon Nkoli (1957-1998), South Africa (Honorary Posthumous Award)
  • 1998: Circulo Cultural Gay (CCG), Mexico; Dr. Tal Jarus-Hakak, Israel; Dede Oetomo, Indonisia; Nancy Cardenas (1934-1994), Mexico (Honorary Posthumous Award) Carlos Jauregui (1958-1996), Argentina (Honorary Posthumous Award)
  • 1997: Demet Demir, Turkey; Genc Xhelaj, Albania; The Sister Namibia Collective, Namibia; Wilfredo Valencia Palacios, El Salvador (Honorable Mention)
  • 1996: No Presentation
  • 1995: The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Group (TGLRG), Australia; Anjaree, Thailand; Luiz Mott, Brazil
  • 1994: Juan Pablo Ordonez, Colombia; ABIGALE, South Africa; Lepa Mladjenovic, Serbia

Previous OUTSPOKEN Honorees

  • 2013: Dr. Binnaz Toprak, Representative of Istanbul, Grand National Assembly, Turkey
  • 2011: Jeff Sharlet, Author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
  • 2010: Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS
  • 2008: Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town
  • 2005: Hon. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Previous Special Recognition Honorees

  • 2013: Dorothy Sander, Philanthropist
  • 2012: Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin
  • 2010: Barney Frank, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  • 2009: Microsoft
  • 2008: IBM
  • 2006: Andy Tobias, Author, Treasurer of Democratic National Committee; Paul Albert, Lawyer, Activist, long-time supporter of IGLHRC
  • 2005: Julie Dorf, IGLHRC's Founder; Gara LaMarche, Member of the IGLHRC Board of Directors, Open Society Foundation;