Cheraq 64- Iranian Queer Organization’s Monthly Online Publication

In this issue, Music and Cinema by Shervin Daryadar, Visual Arts by Hamid Parnian, Health by Ramtin Azad, Success by Khashyar Khasteh, Refugee's Limbo by Hormazd, Interview with a Gay Man about his Experiences with Rape and Suicide by Kaveh Ahouraee.

Hamid Parnian, "Cheraq's" former chief-editor welcomes Shervin Daryadar, new chief-editor:

I was utterly glad when our friend and colleague, Shervin Daryadar, agreed to join us in "Cheraq" as the chief editor. And from this first issue it is obvious that he is having a precise and well-considered plan to move forward the magazine. Because "Cheraq" is our central venue in communicating with the LGBT community inside and outside of Iran, my mind couldn't stop worrying over it during the past few months while at the same time I was busy with complications of resettlement and adjustment in Canada, and more so with the new website, Analytical Iranian LGBT Studies, which is another of IRQO’s provident great steps and my response as IRQO's board member and publications officer to the Iranian Queer community for the much needed studies.

My worries are over since Shervin accepted the responsibility. I am glad to say that won’t be completely gone from "Cheraq" and will be in close contact and writing a column on Queer Art.

I wish great success for our dear Shervin in the path he has taken with "Cheraq". I am inviting all our writers and contributors of "Cheraq" to keep up with their connections and contributions and keep the our "Cheraq" brilliant and bright.

Best Wishes,

Hamid Parnian
"Cheraq's" editor in-chief from 2008 to 2011

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