The Children of Harvey Milk: 40 Years After Harvey, Where Are We Now?


Forty years ago Harvey Milk’s iconic journey was ended by an assassin. The generation of out LGBTQ leaders he inspired went on to transform the world we live in. UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Andrew Reynolds has documented this history through the epic stories of courageous political candidates and elected officials around the world.

At the event, our OutRight intern noted:

An audience member asked Professor Reynolds, "What surprised him the most during the interviews he conducted with politicians, and elected leaders across continents?" He responsed, “It was the young boy from Richmond, Minnesota, that called to say thank you to Milk after he was elected." Those leaders bursted into tears. They could deeply connect with this boy from Richmond, Minnesota, and the fluence that Milk cast upon.

How does an individual bring a sense of hope to another? As a role model to someone that is struggling afar; Or courage to be visible when self hatred is ended by validation of society; Or in communications between people that were too afraid to share their dreams.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 06:00pm
San Francisco