Fundraiser for Helem, Beirut-based LGBTIQ Organization

Fundraiser for Helem, Beirut-based LGBTIQ Organization

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The enormous explosion in Beirut that killed almost 150 people and left more than 300,000 homeless, also impacted Helem, the oldest LGBTIQ organization in Lebanon. The Helem community and service centers were less than half a mile from the epicenter of the explosion and suffered heavy damages as a result. However, the true tragedy was the enormous number of individuals who are now left homeless and without basic needs. Staff and volunteers have been heavily involved in the relief effort around the city but they can do so much more with our help. Thousands of individuals are in need of shelter, food, money for repairs, and medical equipment. 

The Helem centers are a haven for LGBTIQ people in Lebanon and a center for activism that aims to promote human rights for the LGBTIQ community. 

100% of funds raised will be passed on to Helem to use for the support of the LGBTIQ community, the center's relief efforts, and any other urgent needs on the ground. 

Helem means "dream" in Arabic. Let's help them rebuild and support the community affected by this tragedy.

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