IDAHO Events in Asia

Singapore – Singapore Writer is Giving Away Copies of E-Book for IDAHO

To commemorate this year's IDAHO, Singapore's Leow Yangfa - editor of the e-book "I Will Survive: Personal Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Stories in Singapore" - will be giving away free copies to the first 30 people, anywhere in the world, who get in touch between now and May 17.

Despite being a developed country and one of the more LGBT-friendly cities in Asia, consensual sex between adult men is still illegal in Singapore (under Section 377A of the Penal Code), and homophobia and transphobia continue to be a reality for many Singaporeans.

The accounts in this collection offer readers an insight into LGBT issues in Singapore and Asia in general, many of which differ from those faced in other parts of the world.

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Nepal – Nepal to Commemorate IDAHO with Beauty Pageant

Nepal's Blue Diamond Society and more than 30 other LGBTI organizations will hold a Miss IDAHO Nepal beauty contest for Nepali third-genders on May 17 to mark this year's International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Twenty-five third-genders from across Nepal will participate the event, which will take place in Biratnagar city in southeast Nepal.

The pageant theme is "We all are different, we all are equal", and will feature fashion, a talent show, performances, and questions and answers based around IDAHO and the event theme.

The organizers believe this event will help put an end to homophobia and transphobia.

A press conference will be held to mark the day, which also coincides with the launch of the Blue Diamond Society's newsletter Pahichan (Identity).

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Philippines – IDAHO March to the Commission of Human Rights in the Philippines

As part of the many IDAHO events happening in the Philippines, Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch is organizing a march to the Commission of Human Rights on May 17 to present an updated list of murdered Filipino LGBTs.

The event is in memory of the 156 Filipino LGBTs who have been murdered since 1996 - 16 of those in 2012 alone.

Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch will also call on the government to end hate crimes against LGBTs in the Philippines, specifically:

  1. Demanding that government and civil society organizations acknowledge that hate crimes against LGBT people, and the homophobia and transphobia underpinning them, are serious problems that must be given due attention.
  2. Asking the government to ensure that government agencies take the lead in addressing the growing number of LGBT hate crimes by providing programs that recognize, investigate, document and prosecute hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  3. Demanding that the government help raise awareness about hate crimes against LGBT people by providing venues in which to facilitate engagement between government agencies, mainstream organizations and LGBT groups; assist LGBT organizations in gaining access to case records of hate crimes against LGBTs; and find meaningful solutions to end hate crimes against LGBT people.

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Philippines – LGBT Group to Mark IDAHO with Campaign Photo Shoot

Stressing how the promotion of equality is everyone's issue, Bahaghari Center for LGBT Research, Education and Advocacy (Bahaghari Center) has launched the "I dare to care about equality" campaign, forming part of the localized efforts aligned with the annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) celebrations.

The Bahaghari Center's "I dare to care about equality" is a photographic campaign calling for everyone to take a more proactive stance in fighting discrimination. Photoshoots will be held for people who believe in advocating equal rights for all, with the outputs of the campaign to be released come May 17 online, as postcards/fliers, and as online ads.

"That we need to think globally, but should act locally has long become a cliché," says Patrick King Pascual, coordinator for the campaign. "It remains just as valid, all the same. With ‘I dare to care about equality', therefore, we aim to provide a channel for people to express their support for the continuous push for equality for all, just as we also provide a channel for people to know who are pro-equality."

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Sri Lanka – IDAHO Poster Competition in Sri Lanka

In commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Sri Lankan LGBT organization EQUAL GROUND is holding an IDAHO poster competition, giving people the opportunity to win a cash prize for the most innovative and creative submission. The winning poster will also be named the campaign poster of 2013.

In addition, EQUAL GROUND will screen their documentary "Repeal Section 365A", followed by a panel discussion. And as in previous years, they will continue to raise awareness about IDAHO by encouraging Facebook users to change their profile picture to a rainbow flag.

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Taiwan – A Month of IDAHO Activities in Taiwan

Taiwan's GDi LGBT Health Culture Center (formerly Taichung Rainbow Paradise) is organizing a series of activities throughout April until May 26 as part of an extended IDAHO celebration.

On May 17, a press conference will be held at GDi's Shop No. 9 Multi-Gender Secondhand Bazaar in Taipei.

Also, 17 different groups, clubs and LGBT-friendly stores will jointly sign a declaration to start conversation with the society at large to educate people that sexual minorities are no different than anyone else and are entitled to dignity and respect.

On May 26th, an IDAHO closing LGBT pool party will be held. Taipei local government officials and student clubs will be invited to attend.

Cambodia – Family Acceptance the Theme of Cambodia's IDAHO Celebrations

Cambodia's LGBT community will celebrate IDAHO with a workshop on family acceptance of LGBT people and coming out as LGBT, organized by Rainbow Community Kampuchea (RoCK) as part of the annual Pride celebrations. The slogan - Everyone in the family is different but we are still the same family - is aimed at family acceptance of LGBTs.

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Hong Kong – Street Forum in Hong Kong to Mark IDAHO

Women Coalition of HKSAR in conjunction with Comrade Zone, Midnight Blue, Rainbow of Hong Kong, NuTongXueShe - collectively the For My Colours Alliance - is holding a "Who Stole our LGBT Movement" street forum on May 17 to commemorate this year's IDAHO.

The forum will feature discussions on the latest strategies for the LGBT movement in Hong Kong, an analysis of homophobia around world and a review of the collaborations between LGBT organizations and civil society.

The forum will run from 7-9.30pm at the Clock Tower, Time Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.