ManAboutWorld addresses critical topic of LGBTQ travel safety with new free resources

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ManAboutWorld addresses critical topic of LGBTQ travel safety with new free resources:

  • Expansive LGBTQ Guide to Travel Safety
  • Online resource in partnership with OutRight Action International
  • Semi-annual Twitter chat in partnership with the U.S. State Department

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February 1, 2018 (New York, NY) — ManAboutWorld addresses the critical topic of LGBTQ travel safety with three innovative digital initiatives: the LGBTQ Guide to Travel Safety; a new online resource addressing the question “Is it safe to go to ________?”; and twice-yearly Twitter Chats focusing on LGBTQ travel safty. These invaluable resources are available for free to all travelers.

With reports of anti-LGBTQ violence at an all-time high according to the Anti-Violence Project, these resources are more important than ever.

The LGBTQ Guide to Travel Safety

Queer people are subject to more scrutiny, bias, harassment and other unwelcome attention than their straight counterparts. When traveling to a country where sexual orientation or gender identity is criminalized or marginalized, LGBTQ people have to deal with additional layers of complexity. This expansive guide from the editors of ManAboutWorld Magazine addresses travel safety for all LGBTQ travelers with extensive sections specifically for women, non-binary and trans travelers. The free distribution of this guide is made possible by support from AIG Travel and TravelGuard travel insurance.

We have gathered insights, anecdotes and recommendations from the most important and influential voices in the world of travel and curated the most reliable and current online resources to help LGBTQ people travel more safely, comfortably, confidently and enjoyably.

  • Download a PDF version of the guide here:
  • Or download the mobile version in the free ManAboutWorld App in the AppStore and Google Play (search ManAboutWorld)

“Is it safe to go to ________?”

We’re often asked “is it safe to travel to ________?” (fill in the name of any of 76+ countries where homosexuality or gender expression are criminalized or marginalized). There’s no easy answer, so we’ve teamed up with Outright Action International to better frame the question, and provide the perspective and resources for LGBTQ travelers to find the best answer for themselves. Access this guide here:

LGBTQ Safety Twitter Chats

ManAboutWorld partners with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs to produce semi-annual Twitter chats addressing the topic of LGBTQ travel safety during two busy travel-planning periods: early June before major LGBTQ Pride events and in early winter in time for holiday travel. Over the past year, the first three Twitter chat collaborations (December 2016, June 2017 and January 2018) generated a total of 62.9 million impressions and reached over 8.9 million accounts.

Other chat partners include the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Human Rights Watch, OutRight Action International and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA). The LGBTQ travel safety chats are the largest of any of the Twitter chats the Bureau of Consular Affairs conducts.

Review the Recent Twitter Chats Here:

June 2017:

January 2018:

For more information:

The LGBTQ Guide to Travel Safety

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LGBTQ Twitter Chats

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Is it Safe to Go to....?

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