Mawaleh’s Initiative for Syrian LGBT Pride Day 2013

IGLHRC believes that a vital part of our mission is supporting the work of activist organizations and allies by disseminating important information on human rights issues affecting LGBT communities worldwide. To this end we are posting this statement from Mawaleh.

Mawaleh is launching an initiative to celebrate LGBTI Pride Day, which will be an online celebration of the event for many reasons; one of which is the current situation in the country, and the other is because homosexuality is still criminalized under the current Syrian law.

We are going to ask our readers and LGBTI rights supporters to change their profile pictures on social media networks, and have one of the photos we designed for the initiative. We would love to ask non-Syrian friends, who support our cause, to join and show their support.

The photos are available to download in high and low resolution versions here.

What you can do to show support

  1. Upload one of the photos as your profile picture on your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. on Saturday 29 June 2013.
  2. Tweet the photos and hashtag your tweets with #SyrianLGBTIPride, also upload it to Instagram and any other similar website using the same hashtag.
  3. Tell your friends!

We’re asking Syrians, and any other supporters, to change their profile pictures between Friday 28 June, and Sunday 30 June. If you feel it’s a long time for you, please do it on Saturday 29 June.

Please help us reach more people by sharing this post with your friends. An Arabic version is available here.
Many thanks.