NBC News Speaks to OutRight About Indonesia's “Family Resilience Bill”

Jessica Stern, OutRight's Executive Director, discusses with NBC news about lawmakers in Indonesia are pushing legislation that would force LGBTQ people into government-sanctioned rehabilitation centers to “cure” them of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBTQ advocacy groups say that if passed, the legislation would have a grave impact on sexual and gender minorities in Indonesia. In a statement opposing the bill, the human rights group OutRight Action International notes that it would create a department within the Indonesian government specifically to handle “family crises due to sexual deviation.”

Although OutRight stops short of labeling the proposed rehabilitation centers as “conversion therapy” clinics, it says the government’s methods are likely to include “spiritual guidance and social, psychological and medical rehabilitation.”

Jessica Stern, the organization's executive director, adds the legislation would only intensify “the mounting persecution and hate” faced by LGBTQ people in Indonesia, and make the community even more “vulnerable and isolated.”

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