Newsy interviews Maria Sjödin on the inclusion of Marvel’s first gay superhero in ‘Eternals’

On November 12, 2021, OutRight Action International’s Acting Executive Director, Maria Sjödin, was interviewed by Newsy on the inclusion of Marvel’s first gay superhero depicted in its newest film, “Eternals.” In addition to Marvel’s first gay superhero, the movie also highlights the relationship and fatherhood of a gay couple. When asked about the importance of an openly gay superhero depicted in the film, Sjödin responded that “for LGBTIQ people as whole, it is important to see ourselves portrayed on screen, but it is also important to recognize that it has a profound effect on others outside of our community: Acceptance and respect increases when you know somebody who is LGBTIQ.” It is clear that the film will reach audiences across the world with their depiction of the gay superhero, and we hope that it will play a role in increasing acceptance for LGBTIQ people globally.

To watch the full interview with Newsy, click here.