OutRight Action International Comments on Penny Young Nance’s Nomination as US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues


1 November 2017

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OutRight Action International Comments on Penny Young Nance’s Nomination as US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Young Nance has been nominated as the United States Ambassador-at-Large for the Office of Global Women's Issues. This is the highest ranking position in the U.S. government mandated to raise and advance issues impacting women and girls. The nomination must still be considered and approved by the Senate before Nance can assume the position.

Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International, responds to this nomination with the following statement:

“The nomination of Penny Young Nance as US Ambassador-at-Large for the Office for Global Women’s Issues should alarm anyone who cares about the rights of women and LGBTIQ individuals.

Nance has gone on record expressing her opinions about ‘the violence of abortion,’ and how abortion should not be considered healthcare. Plain and simple — anyone so vehemently against a woman’ sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially against a woman’s right to choose, should not be considered an ambassador for women.

Nance is brazenly homophobic and transphobic. She has dismissed the transgender community”s basic right to safety, public bathroom access, and fair employment in the military, even calling transgender people “gender confused individuals.” She has accused LGBTIQ people of “infiltrating schools and influencing children,” and disregarded the young individuals bullied for their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in schools around the U.S. who often need protection from discrimination. She equates homosexuality with sin even going so far as to saying, “...we should not embrace their lifestyle. We cannot support their sin as a positive choice, regardless of whether the government condones it.”

Nance is deeply misguided about the human rights of LGBTIQ people and what it means to be a woman in the year 2017. Her ideas are not those shared by the world community, women, and feminist leaders, nor do they align with the progress made on women’s rights and gender equality globally. An ambassador for women must be someone who stands up for all women, especially those who are most disenfranchised. Nance’s anti-gay, anti-transgender, and quite frankly, anti-women, rhetoric highlights she has no business being in the Office of Global Women’s Issues.”