OutRight Discusses Global Impact of Immigration Ban on LGBTIQ people on Gay USA TV

OutRight's board member, Micheal Ighodaro, was interviewed by GAY USA TV to discuss Trump's immigration ban and how it impacts LGBTIQ people globally.

The show premiers in New York on Thursday at 11 PM and is telecast five times thereafter nationally via Free Speech TV on the Dish Network, DIRECTV and many other local cable outlets. It is also archived online as a podcast and on YouTube.

"Some people are not even able to live their lives as human beings, not even as a gay man or woman, but not even as a human being. Try to imagine how that is. On top of that they are faced with incredible poverty from facing wars every day...[with this immigration ban] what Trump has done is he has sided with governments which target LGBTIQ people, or with the likes of ISIS. He might be targeting people for their religion or where they come from, but this is no different...he is just as aggressive as these governments." ~ Micheal Igadharo