Perú: Pride Parade To Take Place In A Different Venue


The authorities of the Miraflores district in Lima could not be convinced to authorize the celebration of the Pride Parade and related cultural activities there.

MHOL (Movimiento Homosexual de Lima), the local LGBT organization in charge of the Pride activities, resorted to requesting the same permission from the authorities in the Cercado de Lima district in Lima. Permission was granted and the activities will take place there on July 6.

A parade along Garcisalo de la Vega Avenue will be followed by a rally at Plaza Francia, including artistic performances and speeches by representatives from human rights organizations.

MHOL and IGLHRC thank all of you who wrote to the Miraflores authorities in protest for the permit denial.

For background information, see our June 22, 2002 action alert "Permit Denied to Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival" at