Sign up to be an OutRight Pride Ambassador 

For 50 years, Pride has been a time for celebration, visibility, protesting, and pushing for social change. In a time of crisis, Pride is also an opportunity to show up for each other and for the most marginalized in our community - everywhere. With this in mind, and recognizing the history of Pride, OutRight believes unequivocally that Pride must include an unwavering commitment to the struggle against racism and violence against Black people here in the US and around the world. In case you missed it, please read our Executive Director Jessica’s Stern message about these connections and OutRight’s commitment here.

In the spirit of showing up for our community, we invite you to commemorate #PrideWithAPurpose this month to ensure that our queer family around the world is not left behind in the response to the COVID-19 crisis. Become an OutRight Pride Ambassador by donating to and/or sharing our COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund with your networks.

Here’s why: When COVID-19 emerged, OutRight adapted our work to respond quickly to the crisis. We launched a research project to listen to advocates around the world and published a groundbreaking report on how LGBTIQ people are being impacted by the pandemic. What we learned was disturbing - our communities are facing extreme food shortages, loss of livelihoods, lack of access to HIV mediation, hormones and other vital healthcare, increased domestic violence, social isolation, and even scapegoating and abuse at the hands of their governments, religious leaders and others. Many LGBTIQ organizations are on the brink of survival - threatening to set our movement back by many years. 

There is some good news - LGBTIQ advocates are stepping up to support the most marginalized in our communities - and we can help. OutRight launched an Emergency Fund to give emergency assistance to grassroots queer organizations on the frontlines of COVID-19. For many, there is no other place they can turn to for support, since LGBTIQ communities are often not reached or are even excluded from government and traditional relief efforts. The Fund supports OutRight’s COVID-19 response work and provides grants to LGBTIQ groups that are providing food, shelter, medicine, mental health services, and standing up to human rights abuses. So far, more than 200 companies, foundations and individuals have donated $850,000+ to the Emergency Fund and OutRight has distributed 57 grants in 45 countries that are supporting more than 20,000 people!

But OutRight received more than 1,500 applications from 131 different countries - requests totaling $12 million in need. We are doing everything we can to raise more money so that we can support more LGBTIQ organizations, communities and people around the world. Our goal is to raise at least $1 million by the end of June. As an OutRight Pride Ambassador, you can help us by contributing and inviting others to help the global LGBTIQ community during Pride Month. Here are action steps you can take:

  • If you can, make a donation to OutRight’s Emergency Fund. We’ve received donations from $5 to $150,000 - and every dollar helps. 
  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues about our research and Emergency Fund. Ask them to support our global community during Pride month. Consider setting a goal that your network can rally behind - $250, $500, $1000 or more.
  • You’ll find messages and images that you can share and more information about the Emergency Fund in our social media toolkit. You can also download our #PrideWithAPurpose campaign logo here. OutRight can also create a custom graphic with your photo and a quote about why you’re an OutRight Pride Ambassador that you can share - just email khultquist@outrightinternational.org.
  • Set up a Facebook fundraiser, or set up a giving page for Give OUT Day on June 30. Give OUT Day is the annual day of online giving to support the LGBTIQ community. 
  • Host a virtual gathering to share our research and the Emergency Fund with your community. We can provide you with information and stories to share with your guests.
  • Join one of our webinars about the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTIQ communities globally and share with your networks. 
  • Watch and share episodes of OutRight TV, our new video and podcast series featuring voices of LGBTIQ advocates and leaders around the world, including Queer Eye star Karamo Brown sharing why he supports OutRight’s Emergency Fund.
  • Follow @OutRightIntl on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and share our messages about Pride and how others can help. Use #PrideWithAPurpose to rally your community around our call to action.

It’s up to us to step up and ensure that our queer family around the world is not left behind in the response to the COVID-19 crisis. Together, we can provide support that will save lives and keep the vital organizations in our community strong. Please join us as an OutRight Pride Ambassador to celebrate #PrideWithAPurpose this month!