The Seattle Globalist Interviews Advocate Ping “Hoping” Hou

OutRight Action International's OutRising keynote speaker and Global Public Service Law Fellow, Hoping Hou, spoke to The Seattle Globalist about the state of LGBTIQ human rights in China.

Advocate Ping “Hoping” Hou believes one of the biggest obstacles for equal rights for the LGBTQI community in China has been visibility — the acknowledgment that their lives have value.

“You were treated like you didn’t exist at all,” Ping said. “That’s very bad because we can fight with each other, but if you’re treated non-existent, it’s like, reject all your value.”

Ping was one of the keynote speakers for OutRight Action International‘s fundraiser in Seattle last week, which raised $65,000 for the organization. OutRight Action International focuses on advocacy for LGBTQI human rights outside the United States.

In 2010, Ping got her master’s in law from Shandong University and founded LesGo, which educates the public in China on the LGBTQI community.

We asked Ping a few questions about the legal rights for LGBTQI people in China, the social and family pressure to conform, and how the internet became a lifeline.

Our conversation with Ping has been edited for length.

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