Trans Activist Rikki Nathanson Wins Landmark Case Against the Zimbabwean Government

Rikki Nathanson, an OutRight board member and fierce activist for the rights of trans and gender diverse persons, has won a landmark case against the Zimbabwean government after she was awarded 400K Zimbabwean dollars by the country’s High Court. This is the first case in which the country’s judiciary has recognised that gender does not have to be either male or female.

Rikki Nathanson comments about the case:

“This has been a long, emotional rollercoaster for me. I have waited almost 5 years for this moment. I am elated. This incredibly life-changing decision is not only for me but for others. It is a great moment for transgender persons in Zimbabwe and beyond. It affirms and recognizes the fundamental human rights, freedoms and dignity of all citizens, regardless of our sexual orientation and gender identity. Governments can no longer sit-back while vulnerable persons such as transgender persons face ongoing stigma, humiliation and discrimination with impunity at the hands of public authorities. I hope that this case will send a strong message that we are all human and that our diversity should be celebrated. My wish is for society to be more tolerant where LGBT persons are not in constant fear of being targeted.”

More about the case and the judges decision can be read here »

Below is the press release about the case: