Belgian Mom and Son Team Create Unicorns for Humanity Fundraiser Supporting OutRight

This week checking our inboxes we received a message from Jarne and his mother Ann about a fundraiser they started to support OutRight.

Below is the message Ann wrote to us about the campaign:

Meet Bob, a gay unicorn who loves pink glitter.

“I homeschool my 15-year old autistic son, Jarne. Besides the usual classes like maths and Dutch, I also chose to work around "morality and humanism" with him. You know how some people with autism have a special gift? Well, his is compassion and an enormous sense of equality!

A few weeks ago he wanted to learn how to build a website. It had to be about unicorns and helping people. So we worked out a plan that we would create unicorns, each with their own personality. Every unicorn would represent a good cause. We would then try to raise money for those organizations. The first unicorn he "invented" was Bob. A gay unicorn who loves pink glitter. He's also the mascot of our project.

So we made a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account,an email account, a PayPal account, a logo (of which he's very proud) and unicorns. 6 unicorns to be precise: Bob, our mascot and huge supporter of the LGBTIQ community. Then there's Betty, our scientist, Gunther the creative artist, Julio, a unicorn with anxiety, Dolores, a free spirited girl and Marcel, our senior.

We then started searching for good causes they could represent and it didn't take long before Jarne wanted to support OutRight International.

"Unicorns For Humanity" was born! So now I spend my time crocheting new personalized unicorns that we sell for 25€. In a few months we'll divide everything we've received into 6 equal parts and donate this to you and the other organizations. Buying yarn, materials...and paying shipping fees is my contribution so 100% of what we make can be donated.

If you would like to support us, please make a donation via PayPal at


We hope you will consider support Jarne's mission to bring compassion and equality to the world...