We are #ASEANToo!

The ASEAN SOGIE Caucus has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the exclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity from the 2013 Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and 2013 Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Children, which were scheduled to be adopted by the ASEAN Ministers at the 23rd Summit, October 9-10 in Brunei Darussalam. The campaign aims to remind ASEAN ministers, government officials, civil society organizations, and the public that LGBT women and children experience violence, lack access to justice and must have their human rights protected by ASEAN human rights mechanisms.

The ASEAN SOGIE Caucus is a network of diverse human rights activists in Southeast Asia that aims for the inclusion of SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression) in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Human Rights Mechanisms. IGLHRC works closely with the activists who are members of the Caucus and is pleased to share this video.

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ASEAN Campaign Brief


Photo of two women, with the caption, 'We Are ASEAN Too'


Photo of two transgender women with the caption, 'We are ASEAN Too'


Photo of large number of people holding large rainbow flag, with caption 'We are ASEAN Too'