At a glance

  • Same-sex relations: legal
  • Legal gender recognition: possible
  • Registration of LGBTIQ organizations: possible
  • Actions related to SOGI at UN: supported IE SOGI in 2016 and 2019



Chile has made significant progress on LGBTIQ issues; however, there are still barriers to full LGBTIQ equality. Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is explicitly banned. Since 2012, Chile’s hate crime law has recognized sexual orientation and gender identity as aggravating circumstances, and since 2015, same-sex couples can form legally recognized civil unions. In 2019, a comprehensive legal gender recognition law was passed and, since 2006, a third sex option has been available for intersex children on birth certificates. Same-sex marriage and same sex couple adoption are not permitted; however there are pending bills which would allow both. Societal opinion of LGBTIQ people is mostly positive. Media representation of LGBTIQ people is generally accurate and sympathetic, although LGBTIQ people are underrepresented in positions of power in politics and business.