Bosnia and Herzegovina: Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Anti-discrimination Law

On June 19, 2009 ILGA-Europe and IGLHRC sent a letter to members if the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina welcoming the adoption of the Law Against Discrimination and calling for inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity among the protected grounds under this law.

Last year, during the Queer Sarajevo Festival (QSF) in September 2008, at
least 10 people were injured as a result of publicly promoted hate speeches and incitement to violence. Death threats have been continually issued on the Internet against individual gay rights activists months before and after the opening of the Festival, including a YouTube film showing digitally manipulated images of one of the organizers to make them look as if they were beheaded. A number of websites have called for the organizers of the festival tobe lynched, stoned, doused with petrol or expelled from the country.

In this atmosphere of hostility against LGBT people in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is absolutely essential to include sexual orientation and gender identity in Article 4 of the Law Against Discrimination.