Brazil: Gay Man Wins Property Rights Case in High Court

Yesterday the Brazilian High Court decided in Milton's favor. The decision is final. Summing up, Minister Ruy Rosado, stated "A judge nowadays cannot deny that two people of the same sex can form family ties."

The decision to award half the estate is in keeping with existing Brazilian legislation regarding the disposal of property in the case of married couples when one of the partners dies intestate, has no children, but still has parents alive.

For the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, and Transvestites (ABGLT) the case is a resounding victory and comes at a time when the bill for the recognition of Registered Partnerships between same sex couples is facing fierce opposition from evangelical and catholic members of the Brazilian parliament.

Toni Reis, General Secretary of the ABGLT said yesterday: "We congratulate Brazilian justice for having honored Milton's constitutional rights. We hope that this jurisprudence will serve to light the way of those members of parliament who are against equal rights."