Brazil: Original Location and Date of Sao Paulo Pride Parade Secured by Local Activists

On March 16, we circulated an Action Alert requesting the international community’s support to avoid interference by the Sao Paulo city government aimed at changing the date and place selected by organizers of the largest Pride Parade in the world for it to happen.

We are very pleased to let you all know that dialogue has been opened again between local authorities and Parade organizers, and there has been an agreement to maintain its original place and date. Once again, the Sao Paulo GLBT Pride Parade will take place on June 17, 2006, along Avenida Paulista.

Parade organizers want to thank each and every activist, organization and/or ally who wrote to the authorities in support of them. Parade organizers have no doubt that the support they were able to show from Brazilian as well as foreign organizations and individuals played a key role in turning the situation in their favor.

No further action is needed ... except booking your tickets to Sao Paulo and join in the celebration!