Brazil: Policemen Allegedly Execute Transvestite

In reports delivered to this organization by Grupo Gay da Bahia, on the night of August 4th, four military policemen in the city of Salvador (Bahia, Brazil), forced two transvestite sex workers to throw themselves into the sea, after humiliating and torturing them. One of them, "Luana" (Junior da Silva Lago) drowned and the body was found three days later in an advanced state of decomposition. Joyce, a transvestite witness to the crime, and Lena Oxxa, the President of the Salvador Transvestites Association fear for their lives and are being protected by human rights organizations.

Grupo Gay da Bahia and the Salvador Transvestites Association held demonstrations in front of the Military Police barracks, resulting in the arrest and discharge from employment of the four alleged military assassins who are currently in prison awaiting trial. The lieutenant in charge of the patrol remains at large.

Grupo Gay da Bahia has documented the murders of 1,600 homosexuals from 1980 to 1997, out of which only 5% have resulted in trials.

Protest letters requesting a thorough investigation into these events and an expedient trial of those found to be guilty of these heinous crime are still needed as the police have not yet been tried.

Letters should be sent to:

Dr. Jose Gregori
Ministerio da Justiça
Secretaria Nacional de Direitos Humanos
Brasilia, DF, BRAZIL
Fax: 55-61-226-7980

Please send copies of your letters to

Grupo Gay da Bahia
Cx. Postal 2552
Salvador, Bahia, BRAZIL
Phone/fax: 55-71-322-3782