Brazil: Rio De Janeiro Update

See our August 7, 2004, Action Alert: "Stop a Proposal that Would Provide State Funding to 'Conversion Therapy' Treatments in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil"

On September 17, 2004, about 100 activists joined members of the Parliamentary Front for Freedom of Sexual Expression (a coalition of MPs holding liberal views on sexual rights) for an special session of the Rio de Janeiro State Legislature to discuss all proposals related to "homosexuality" that are currently being processed there, including the one on funding for conversion therapies (717/03).

Distinguished professors and researchers from different Rio de Janeiro universities submitted a petition with 450 signatures against Proposal 717/03.

Paulo Rogério Baía, Under Secretary for Individual and Collective Rights, told the media that the Rio government has received "innumerous" letters from international organizations concerned about the proposal.

The Parliamentary Front will introduce next week a proposal to allow same-sex couples to register as "dependents" in health plans.