Brazil: Update On Conviction In Brazil Murder

On March 27, 2002 a Sao Paulo Court found Wanderlei Cardoso de Sá responsible for the death of Edson Neris da Silva (January 2000), and convicted him on additional charges of "participation in a gang" and attempt against the life of Dario Pereira, Neris da Silva's partner, who was severely beaten but managed to escape alive. The Court sentenced Cardoso de Sá to 19 years and 6 months of imprisonment, plus a fine equivalent to 10 days of wages.

Nine skinheads have been accused of the crime.

José Nilson Pereira da Silva and Juliano Filipini Sabino have been already sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Roberto Fernando Gros Dias and Davi Alves dos Santos-have been sentenced to 4 years and 7 months imprisonment each.

Jorge da Conceiçao Soler (20) was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison for attempted murder.

Marcelo Martins Pereira was acquitted of the murder but convicted of assault.

Regina Saran Velasco was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

An additional defendant will be sentenced by June.

Cardozo de Sà was part of the extremist group which attacked da Silva and his partner, Dario Pereira, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, downtown on February 2000. Neris da Silva died as a result of the attack.

Those already sentenced stated that about 30 skinheads were present at the time, but only 5 of them attacked da Silva.

According to statements made by other defendants, Neris da Silva and Pereira were chosen as targets because they were holding hands.

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