Cameroon: IGLHRC Confirms with Great Sorrow the Death of Alim Mongoche

IGLHRC confirrms with great sorrow the death of Alim Mongoche from AIDS-related complications. Alim was 30 years old and worked as a clothing designer. Alim was one of the 11 Cameroonian men who spent more than a year in prison awaiting trial under Article 347 of the Cameroonian penal code which punishes sex between men. Alim and 6 other men were convicted on June 12, 2006 and sentenced to ten months in prison. He was released for time served and was taken straight to hospital. The last year of Alim's life was spent in the notorious Kondegui Prison in Yaounde, Cameroon where conditions are harsh and medical treatment non-existent, particularly for HIV-related illness. His last days after his release were spent in the loving embrace of fellow detainees, members of the gay and lesbian community, and his lawyer, Alice Nkom.