Costa Rica: Harrassment Ends

Colectivo Gay Universatario (CGU) reports that the harrassment of gays and lesbians at nightclubs by police has ended for the time being. They do report, however, that the "regular" harrassment of gays in parks and other public places by police continues. The letter writing campaign, according to CGU, was effective and played a role in ending the situation by making it highly visible. A letter from the Office of the Defender of Minority Human Rights, a branch of the Costa Rican Ministry of Justice, states that the Office has initiated a "project to eradicate...these police actions [which] have no part in the peaceful and democratic traditions of our country." The Office has started to meet with various gay and lesbian groups with the aim of creating an ongoing dialogue. The action is closed at this time, but will be monitored for new developments.