Iranian Activists, Scholars and Artists Examine LGBTIQ Challenges in Iran

OutRight proudly supports the work of 10 scholars, activists, and artists who are raising awareness of the LGBTIQ community and its challenges in Iran. Scholarship winners were asked to propose activities and objectives that would directly benefit the Iranian LGBTIQ community.

Each Iranian scholarship recipient designed an innovative cultural project intended to resonate with Persian-speaking audiences, support the emerging Iranian LGBTIQ community and address LGBTIQ human rights violations in Iran.

Here’s a list of the completed works by the scholarship winners:


Online Resource Center on Bisexuality in Persian

The first online library on bisexuality in Persian. 20 of the most famous and cited sources on bisexuality were translated from English to Persian and published on the website. Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


Iranian LGBT in Contemporary Literature

An introduction to the presence of Iranian LGBT people in classical Persian literature, as well as a survey of homoeroticism as an integral part of Persian classical poetry, from the Constitutional Revolution (1906) to present time.


Three LGBT Educational Booklets

Through team collaboration, this project produced three digital booklets titled, “Coming Out,” “Mental Health of LGBTQIA,” and “Sex and Gender Terminology.”


Online LGBTQ Movie Database in Persian

A website that introduces LGBTIQ-themed movies to Persian-speaking audiences. Over the course of the four–month project period, 40 movies were introduced to the website:


Cartoon Series: “Iranian LGBTQ Life”

Using visual arts in the form of cartoons, this Iranian trans artist and activist revealed issues faced by the Iranian LGBTQ community through a collection of 50 cartoons.


Four-part Documentary on Various Stages of LGBTQ Lives

This project examined the different stages of an LGBTQ person’s growth from infancy to old age, particularly through the lenses of medical pathology and mental health.


Iranian Trans-lesbian Online Resource

This project was carried out by an Iranian trans lesbian who wanted to create a website dedicated to the issues of transsexual lesbians in Persian. It consists of videos, slides, and documents, among others, that may be beneficial to Iranian trans women, their families, friends, and Iranian society as a whole. Website, YouTube


Translation of LGBT Psychology Book

This scholarship recipient hoped to strengthen the existence of LGBT-related documents for Persian-speaking medical professionals through the translation of an LGBT psychology book.


LGBTQs and Legislative and Criminal Policies in Iran: A Research Project

This research project exposed policies and regulation impacting LGBTQ people in Iran. Additionally, it was designed as a tool for legal reform advocacy. Information was collected through use of both library source use and fieldwork.


Lesbian Hip Hop Music Video

A rap video clip in Persian about issues impacting lesbians in Iran. Given the popularity of Hip Hop among Iranian youth, this clip was intended to reach audiences that are not always accessible by way of traditional LGBT rights activism. Facebook, Website

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Future Iran LGBT Scholarship opportunities are in the works by OutRight’s Iran team. If you are interested in applying, please check back at a later date.