Nepal: 13-year old Transgender Child Found Dead; Allegations of Anti-Trans Murder Raised

The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission learned today of the alleged murder of a thirteen year-old transgender child in Nepal. The Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Nepal's only organization for Sexual Minorities, reported that the child has been repeatedly abused and threatened by her father for being transgender.

Rupesh Mandal, from the Mahotari district of Nepal, was found dead by her mother on March 30. BDS reports that Mandal's father, Tapeshore Mandel, banished Rupesh from the family home upon finding that Rupesh had been visiting BDS's Drop in centre in Janakpur. Rupesh later rejoined the family after promising that she would stop going to BDS.

BDS reports that Tapeshore continued to abuse and assault Rupesh in an attempt to stop her from being transgender, repeatedly stating to neighbors and Rupesh’s friends that he would kill Rupesh unless she stopped being transgender. On March 29, Tapeshore verbally abused Rupesh in front of a friend, again speaking of killing her.

The next morning, Rupesh was dead. Tapeshore claimed to villagers that Rupesh had poisoned herself they had a quarrel. The post modtem report showed no evidence of poisoning, but instead suggested that Rupesh had suffocated or been suffocated.

IGLHRC is deeply saddened by Rupesh’s death, and is looking further into the circumstances surrounding her death