OutSummit 2017 Recap

OutSummit 2017 pushes the boundaries for global LGBTIQ activism during a one day conference in New York City by bringing together a line up of speakers to discuss and reflect on current issues being faced by the global LGBTIQ human rights movement.

Grace Poore, OutRight's Regional Program Coordinator for Asia, reflected about the day:

“For some of us doing the work we do, it is a matter of survival -- hope is a luxury that our fighting spirit cannot wait for. For others of us, hope is what we need -- to nourish our desire to be fully beloved and belonged -- not barely tolerated and rejected. Regardless of what meanings we attach to hope, I think it has to be like the act of breathing -- necessary, involuntary, not something we lose. Because to run out of hope is to run out of air, the inspiration to live.”

Below is a photo essay and social media highlights from the event:

And check out some of the highlights from earlier in the week for Advocacy Week: