Romania: Joint Letter Against Proposed Discrimination Regarding Adoption


June 5, 2009: In response to this letter, Alina Radoi, Director of the Direction for the elaboration of laws, studies, and documentation of the Ministry of Justice and Citizens' Freedoms in Romania argued that the processes by which the new Civil Code was adopted were legitimate and that prohibiting same-sex couples from adopting is not discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Read a translation of the response here or the original in Romanian here.

To find out more about the discriminatory provisions in the new Civil Code regarding adoption and partnership and ACCEPT and IGLHRC's response to these laws, click here.

The Romanian LGBT group ACCEPT and IGLHRC responded jointly to a proposed amendment to the Romanian civil code that would prohibit adoption of children by same-sex couples.

The two organizations wrote to the executive government and the special parliamentary commission for the civil code. The letter included legal and other arguments against the proposed amendment.

The legislative process includes the revision of the civil and penal codes and procedure codes.

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