Spain: Activists Push for Legislation Allowing Same Sex Civil Unions

Lesbian and Gay activists are pushing forward with a campaign to convince their government to enact legislation allowing same sex civil unions. Letters are needed to support their efforts.

Activists presented a proposed law in October of 1993. The proposal has garnered the support of important sectors of Spanish society. The regional governments of Madrid, Valencia and Murcia have all passed resolutions asking the national government to consider seriously the proposal put before it. If passed, the law establishing civil unions would allow unmarried couples, regardless of the gender of the parties involved, to have the same rights as married couples in regards to pensions, social security, insurance, property rights, and inheritance.

Currently, 30 Spanish municipalities allow registration of same sex unions, including Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Ibiza, and Toledo.

A sample letter follows:

Dear Sir / Madam:

I / we are concerned over an apparent delay on the part of the Spanish Government in considering the proposed civil union legislation put forward by the Federaci—n Estatal de Gais y Lesbianas and the Coordinadora Gai. Given the current state of arrangements under Spanish law, same sex couples are vulnerable to discriminatory treatment when seeking the same legal rights and considerations heterosexual married couples take for granted.

The historical "Roth" resolution passed by the European Union (A3-0028/94) calls on member states to pass precisely the sort of legislation now being proposed by Spanish gay activists. Spain should move quickly to ensure equal treatment for all its citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation.


Write to:

Exmo. Sr. D. Felipe Gonz‡lez M‡rquez
Presidente del Gobierno
Palacio de la Moncloa
Exma. Sra. Da. Cristina Alberdi Alonso
Ministra de Asuntos Sociales
Ministerio de Asuntos Sociales
JosŽ Abascal, 39
28003 Madrid
Exmo. Sr. D. Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe
Ministro de Justicia e Interior
Ministerio de Justicia e Interior
San Bernardo, 45
28015 Madrid