What an inspiring week in Seattle!

OutRight was honored to welcome our United Nations expert Siri May, along with UN Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart and EnGendeRights Founder Clara Rita Padilla, for a series of events to share their experience fighting for global LGBTIQ human rights.

We are so grateful to our partners @GSBA, @Pride Foundation, @SeattleFoundation, @OutandEqual, and many others for their solidarity and support. Thanks, too, to @Expedia, @Starbucks, @Alaska Airlines, @Microsoft, and @LegalVoice for making time to meet with us. Special thanks to the many OutRight supporters who met with and hosted our guests during their time in Seattle.

Here are a few pieces of wisdom our speakers shared:

“We are going to win all over the world - the question is how quickly we will win.  It’s very important for us to lead with love.” - Fabrice Houdart, UN Human Rights Officer in NYC

“The UN system matters to a lot of people.  The human rights of all people are negotiated at the UN, and our gains have been hard-fought. Multilateralism is now under threat, and it matters when the U.S. opts out. We must let LGBTI people from around the world have their own voice within the system. As Australian Aboriginal activist Lilla Watson said, ‘If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.’” - Siri May, OutRight's UN Program Coordinator

Please contact our West Coast Director Katie Hultquist at khultquist@outrightinternational.org if you’re in the Northwest and would like to get involved.

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OutRight in Seattle

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