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Aalap Shah Becomes Co-Chair of The Board






Outright Team

Last February 2021, at Outright's board meeting, Aalap Shah was voted in as the new co-chair of the board. Former co-chair Micheal Ighodaro has stepped down after his term ended. Co-chair, Jenny Pizer, continues in her role. 

Aalap Shah is the head of product and design at Plume. He is a mission-driven innovator, who is passionate about human centered design and has successfully led strategy, product, growth, and M&A for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has a deep commitment to social innovation, financial inclusion, and LGBTIQ human rights. Aalap lives in Brooklyn, New York with his partner Gregg.

Aalap Shah comments on his new role as co-chair:

“I was inspired to join Outright’s board over 5 years ago because I truly believe they are tackling some of the most important, urgent, and inspiring work. It is not lost on me that in over 65 countries I could be thrown in jail, or worse, for who I am or whom I love.

This has become my life’s calling - and after last year - I recognize, through my privilege and agency, I have to do more. As co-chair, I am thrilled to help our board and this organization prepare the global LGBTIQ movement for the future...and all its opportunities, challenges, and resilience.

Outright has been fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ people around the world for over 30 years. I am humbled to be able to lend my voice and my platform to continue this important fight so that all people, everywhere, can live, love, and be their authentic and fierce selves.”


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