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Outright Executive Director Maria Sjödin Talks with Taiwan Plus News about Taiwan Pride, and LGBTIQ Equality in the Country




"As visitors from around the world fly in to celebrate Taiwan Pride on October 29, 2022, Maria Sjödin, Executive Director of Outright International, tells Taiwan Plus why the progress on LGBTIQ equality is a sign of respect for human rights for everyone and can raise a country’s profile and demonstrate its global leadership. As the first and only country in Asia proper to legalize same-sex marriage, they talk about how this has inspired human rights activists around the world. However, Sjödin also touches upon the many issues that still remain in progressive countries such as Taiwan, from transgender rights to workplace issues where many still live in fear of being their true selves. They shared insights on ways civil society can work with governments in achieving true equality and how Taiwan is leading with role models at the highest levels of public office" Watch the full interview here.

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