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Adoption of the 2023 UN Election Resolution




Outright Team

Publish Date

December 27, 2023

On 10 November 2023, the United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee adopted a biennial resolution that promotes democracy as a universal value and the ability of all people to participate in free and fair elections.

The resolution calls on UN member states to take measures to eliminate laws, regulations, and practices that discriminate against citizens in their right to participate in public affairs, including based on race, color, ethnicity, national or social origin, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, language, religion, political views, or on the basis of disability. The resolution also highlights the importance of including women in all their diversity in election processes.

This briefing note provides background on the resolution. It analyzes voting data, highlighting member states that changed their votes or co-sponsorship status since the resolution passed in 2021 when language on sexual orientation and gender identity was first incorporated in the text. The briefing note then examines regional dynamics and provides an annotated transcript of the resolution adoption session.


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