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OutSummit 2023






On December 4, 2023, join Outright International, LGBTIQ activists, and allies from around the globe for our 9th annual OutSummit.

Every year, around Human Rights Day (December 10), Outright convenes OutSummit: a conference to advance the human rights and inclusion of LGBTIQ people everywhere. OutSummit is where people from across civil society, government, philanthropy, and business come together to strategize and build momentum to accelerate change for LGBTIQ people. This year’s OutSummit will be hybrid, with limited in-person participation in Washington, D.C., and virtual participation. 

Keynote Speakers


    Advocating for Inclusion in Government Development Programs

    Each year the World Bank makes $USD 100 Billion in loans to governments in low and middle-income countries. These funds pay for education, health, and social protection programs. LGBTIQ advocates want to ensure that these programs are inclusive. This session will describe the Inclusive Bank Advocacy Network -- a new global advocacy network, and feature examples of activism to ensure inclusion of LGBTIQ people.


    Andrew Park

    Senior Advisor, Inclusive Development, Outright International


    Roberto Zapata

    Amate, El Salvador

    Rachel Burton

    Social Inclusion Officer, Bank Information Center

    Biljana Ginova

    LGBTIQ+ human rights defender and trans-feminist activist

    Trans Liberation

    Around the world, trans people are calling on their governments to uphold their human rights through laws and policies that recognize their existence, prohibit discrimination, and address violence based on gender identity and expression. At least 18 countries have passed rights-based gender identity laws that allow trans people to change their gender markers through a simple process based on self-determination, while others are taking steps toward recognizing trans people. This progress has been countered by an unprecedented increase in anti-trans sentiment and a surge of legislation that is undoing the progress made by trans-diverse people in obtaining their fundamental rights. The pushback is coming from an unholy alliance of conservatives and groups of feminists who typically have nothing in common and use misinformation to gain traction. Our panel will debunk some of the myths, give examples of successful countering, and discuss strategies to move forward.


    Rikki Nathanson 

    Senior Advisor of the Global Trans Program, Outright International

    rikki nathanson-headshot-circle

    Aisha Mughal

    Trans activist and researcher, Pakistan/Germany

    Tampose Mothopeng

    Executive Director, The People’s Matrix Association, Lesotho

    Marina Sáenz

    Marina is the President of the LGBTI Participative council in the Spanish Ministry of Equality

    Leanne MacMillan

    Director of Global Programmes, Stonewall UK

    Increasing Our Impact: How Funders Can Help Radically Accelerate the Global LGBTIQ Movement

    Activists, advocates, and allies have made tremendous progress in the movement for LGBTIQ rights around the world, yet their work remains drastically under-resourced, especially in the Global South and East. At a time with immense opportunity for positive social change - and a dangerous, rising global backlash - much more investment is needed. Join a conversation with philanthropic leaders to explore emerging trends and opportunities in our field and how we can partner with local leaders to better resource and propel our movement forward.


    Russell Roybal

    Outright Board Member, VP and Chief External Affairs Officer, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy


    Michael Heflin

    Global Grants Director, Outright International

    Ezra Berkley Nepon

    Senior Program Officer for Knowledge and Learning, Global Philanthropy Project


    Rebecca Fox

    VP of Programs, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice


    Jay Gilliam

    Senior LGBTQI+ Coordinator, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

    Pride & Politics: The Fight for LGBTIQ Rights in Changing Democracies

    In 2024, over two billion people will head to the polls to vote for their next government at the local, national, and regional levels. For many countries, the results could mean the difference between further entrenchment of authoritarian policies and practices or a turning point in the fight against democratic backsliding. The days leading up to and after the elections will be essential for citizens, particularly LGBTIQ communities, to elevate their voices and make it clear to decision-makers their expectations for inclusive governance, accountability and transparency, and the protection and promotion of human rights. This panel will explore the inextricable link between democracy and LGBTIQ rights and feature the perspectives of both activists and allies who are utilizing democratic mechanisms to counter the anti-democracy and anti-LGBTIQ movements in their countries and regions. Panelists will speak to ways LGBTIQ communities are already participating as well as highlight different avenues of democratic engagement LGBTIQ movements can explore to further their priorities.


    Matuba Mahlatjie

    Communications and Media Relations Manager, Outright International


    Tamara Adrián

    Venezuelan politician

    Thato Moruti

    Executive Director, LEGABIBO - Botswana

    Birgitta Ohlsson

    Director, Political Parties, National Democratic Institute and former Minister/MP

    Guest Speakers


    Thank you to our OutSummit founding partner, CUNY Law School’s Institute on Gender, Law, and Transformative Peace.


    OutSummit 2023 Presenting Sponsor

    • JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    OutSummit 2023 Supporters

    • Adobe Foundation
    • Aesop Foundation
    • Alaska Airlines
    • Balenciaga
    • Capital Group
    • Critical Role Foundation
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Diebold Nixdorf
    • Dr. Martens Foundation
    • Dropbox Foundation
    • Global Citizen
    • Groupe Dynamite
    • Hard Rock Café
    • JAMF
    • Levi Strauss & Co.
    • MillerKnoll
    • Nomura Holdings America
    • Procter & Gamble
    • Remarkably
    • Scotiabank Foundation
    • The Walt Disney Co.


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