At a glance

  • Same-sex relations: illegal
  • Legal gender recognition: possible
  • Registration of LGBTIQ organizations: possible
  • Actions related to SOGI at UN: opposed IE SOGI in 2016 and 2019


    The Penal Code of Bangladesh outlaws “intercourse against the order of nature” between all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This is widely understood to refer to oral and anal sex. Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country with conservative Islamic leaders who influence societal norms around gender and sexuality. LGBTIQ people have been a particular target of political hate speech, and LGBTIQ issues have been covered by the media in a sensationalist and inaccurate manner.

    LGBTIQ activists are targets of violence and threats. LGBTIQ people experience harassment, discrimination, and social stigmatization.

    Bangladesh recognizes gender diversity in relation to Hijra people, those assigned male at birth whose gender expression and/or gender identity is of a third gender. Hijra are legally able to change their gender to a third gender and have socio cultural importance.