At a glance

  • Same-sex relations: Illegal
  • Legal gender recognition: not possible
  • Registration of LGBTIQ organizations: not possible
  • Actions related to SOGI at UN: opposed IE SOGI in 2016



Ghana’s Criminal Code bans same-sex relations, and technically also anal intercourse between partners of different sex. Although Section 104 (1)(b) of the Criminal Offences Act is rarely applied, its existence legitimizes widespread antipathy towards LGBTIQ people and contributes to harassment and extortion of LGBTIQ individuals at the hands of authorities. Politicians and influential religious figures regularly make public statements disparaging LGBTIQ people, and media coverage of LGBTIQ issues is predominantly negative. Prominent anti-LGBTIQ organizations and religious leaders espouse the need for mandatory “conversion therapy,” exacerbating the already hostile conditions that LGBTIQ Ghanaians live in. LGBTIQ identities are often seen as an immoral and deviant choice, which leads to the regular harassment, discrimination, violence, and family rejection of LGBTIQ Ghanaians.