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Report Launch: Pride Around the World in 2023




On 11 and 12 June 2024, Outright International is launching a new report, Pride Around the World in 2023. This report traces the development of Pride events and other LGBTIQ visibility events in all parts of the world. 

The report finds that in 2023, Pride events were held in at least 100 UN member states, and in at least 61 countries, Pride events were held in locations outside the capital city – a reflection of the presence of LGBTIQ people everywhere and the reach of homegrown movements to achieve acceptance, visibility, and recognition beyond urban centers. 

This report provides a global snapshot of what Pride looks like and means in different countries. Like our 2021, 2022, and 2023 Pride Around the World reports, this report focuses primarily on events that activists identified as “Pride” but also includes other public-facing, open, and visible events that have the purpose of affirming the existence of LGBTIQ people, demanding recognition and protection of our rights, and celebrating progress to date. It centers around eleven case in-depth studies: Belize, Florida, Mauritius, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, El Salvador, Argentina, Italy, Kosovo, and intersex inclusion in Prides in Latin America. The report also provides brief snapshots of the experiences of migrants and disabled queer people at Prides in different parts of the world and the challenges faced by LGBTIQ activists in Hong Kong in the face of a broader crackdown on civil society.

The report uses Pride as a springboard for a broader analysis of issues impacting LGBTIQ rights movements, examining the use of multiple approaches to building the movement from the ground up while gaining political allyship in Belize, the need to work through legal crackdowns and anti-LGBTIQ rhetoric in Florida, and the relevance of Pride in the wake of the decriminalization of sodomy in Mauritius.

To launch the report, Outright will host two webinars to celebrate Pride, amplify the advocacy messages of LGBTIQ movements, and restate our commitment to improving LGBTIQ lives everywhere. Outright encourages activists around the world to join forces and ensure that at Pride and throughout the year, their voices will not be silenced.

The 2024 report has been made possible with support from

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