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Health Ethics and the Eradication of Conversion Practices in Africa




Outright International, would like to invite you to the launch of the publication Health Ethics and the Eradication of Conversion Practices in Africa.

The publication provides African healthcare workers with current thinking and guidance on conversion practices and sexual and gender diversity, as well as practical suggestions on how mental health and other healthcare practitioners can contribute to the eradication of conversion practices and promote the delivery of needed affirmative therapy. 

Key Note address: Dr Tlaleng Mafokeng
Moderator: Thiruna Naidoo, Outright's Africa Project Officer 


Dr Olayinka Atilola 

Dr Atilola is a Professor of psychiatry and mental health at the Lagos State University College of Medicine, Lagos Nigeria. He has a 15-year cumulative experience in service and policy research in the field of mental-health and has worked as research consultant to a number of local and international governmental and non-governmental organizations in various aspects of mental-health policy development and advocacy, including sexual and gender diversity issues. For instance, he led the National Technical Working Group which developed the National Suicide Prevention Framework for Nigeria and he is the lead consultant for Outright International for the development of the original draft of the advocacy document that is being unveiled today.

Pierre Brouard

Pierre Brouard is the Acting Director of the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender and a Clinical Psychologist. He sits on the Executive of the Sexuality and Gender Division of the Psychological Society of South Africa and is a board member of the Professional Association for Transgender Health South Africa. Pierre has worked with Outright International in advocacy on Conversion Practices and is part of an IPsyNet committee developing a global statement against such practices. IPsyNet is an international queer psychology network promoting full health and human rights for all.


Yvonne Wamari

Yvonne Wamari (She, her), is Outright International’s Senior Program Officer - Africa. Her work focuses on monitoring the LGBTIQ environment and responding to challenges faced by LGBTIQ community in Sub-Saharan Africa. She also leads Outright’s work on ending conversion practices in Africa through knowledge and evidence generation, awareness creation, and advocacy. Yvonne has extensive experience in human rights advocacy, security management, and movement building.  Yvonne is chairperson of the board of Directors of the Women Human Rights Defenders Hub, which advances women’s rights and a secure environment for women human rights defenders in Kenya.


Sharlotte Ainebyoona Kigezo

Sharlotte Ainebyoona Kigezo, a certified scholar-practitioner in clinical psychology, currently serves as the in-house psychologist for the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Specializing in working with Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression and Sex Characteristics (SOGIE-SC) individuals and migrants, she focuses on stress and trauma management, and need-based therapy, particularly for survivors of conversion therapy. Sharlotte integrates various therapeutic techniques like CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and DBT, alongside alternative healing methods such as meditation, art and somatic movement. She tailors personalized systems for individuals, drawing from approaches like compassion-focused therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In her consulting work, she champions trauma-based holistic wellness care, advocating for intersectional mental health care in marginalized communities.



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