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Pride Around the World: 2022 Report

June 22, 2022

OutRight Action International today published its annual Pride Around the World report. The report tracks the proliferation of Pride marches and other events aimed at LGBTIQ visibility around the world, including a focus on countries where Pride was celebrated for the first time in 2021 or where heightened repression made it impossible. 

Through case studies on the Bahamas, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Ghana, Malawi, and Rwanda, the report sheds light on legal and political environments that enabled or complicated Pride events in 2021. It also analyzes survey responses from 67 activists in 45 countries, drawing out the multiple purposes of Pride, including awareness, advocacy, community building and resistance.

The report highlights research showing that, despite COVID-19 restrictions, Pride festivities were marked in at least 107 countries in 2021, spanning from urban enclaves to small town communities to virtual engagements. The report also provides data on countries in which Pride is celebrated outside capital cities, an important step for many movements. A multiplicity of Pride locations reinforces that LGBTIQ people are everywhere, and dispels the myth that queerness is restricted to cosmopolitan, urban elites.

While public displays, such as Pride, are not the ultimate goal or even a key priority for every movement, they can serve as a useful barometer of LGBTIQ movements’ capability to organize and voice their demands in various parts of the world. This report highlights both the queer resilience and resistance as well as the celebration that comes with Pride.

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Report launch: June 2022 

Watch the recording from the webinar launching the report on June 23, 2022 with guest speakers representing three of the case studies from the report. OutRight moderated the conversation with speakers Juma Wasili, Administrator Manager at Nyasa Rainbow Alliance, Viktorija Kolbešnikova, team member of Vilnius Queer Festival Kreivės and Alexus D'Marco, Executive Director at UCTRANS.

Listen to Neela Ghoshal, Senior Director of Law, Policy & Research, talk about the report on The World podcast



Pride Around the World: 2021 Briefing Paper

June 30, 2021

Pride is the most visible symbol of the global movement for LGBTIQ equality, celebrating progress, affirming the existence of LGBTIQ people, and demanding recognition of their basic human rights. Pride marches are an expression of the basic right to the freedom of assembly and expression. Unfortunately, too often, Prides are restricted, attacked, or even banned, serving as a litmus test for democracies.

OutRight’s briefing, “Pride Around the World”, is the first in an annual series of briefings documenting the state of Prides around the world and the challenges they face.

This briefing documents that:

  • 102 countries around the world host some form of Pride event;
  • 8 countries have held their first Pride in the last 3 years (Eswatini, Guyana, Micronesia and North Macedonia in 2018; and Angola, Botswana, Saint Lucia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019);
  • In many places, even ones with a history of Pride events, they are coming under increasing attack;
  • Despite often hostile environments, new Pride events emerge every year.


“Pride Around the World” aims to arm the global LGBTIQ movement with crucial information for a continued fight for Pride and LGBTIQ equality.

This briefing aims to show an overview of trends in the Pride movement for LGBTIQ equality around the world, and to provide insight into Prides facing backlash, and new Prides taking shape. We intend to publish a more comprehensive report covering Prides globally in 2022. Activists wishing to provide feedback or input are welcome to do so here.

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