Argentina: The Life of Vanesa Piedrabuena, Transvestite Activist from Cordoba, is at Risk

In the early hours of Wednesday, August 9, police car # 3041, belonging to Precinto (Police Station) 1, from Cordoba capital city, stopped in front of Vanesa Piedrabuena's house. Four policemen wearing uniform and armed with shotguns came down from the car and started to shout threats against her. She was called a "police accuser," ordered to "stay locked in her house" and assured that at any moment she would "be found in a ditch" and then "no one would stand up for her."

Vanesa submitted the corresponding complaint to the Prosecutor's Office, 4th Shift.

Vanesa Piedrabuena is the activist who denounced the death of her friend Vanesa Ledesma, apparently due to torture inflicted by police officers last February. Nine officers are currently under investigation.
IGLHRC and ATUC (Asociación Travestis Unidas de Córdoba) ask the international community to act immediately demanding that the authorities carry out a full investigation of the threats, meet out due punishment of those found responsible and ensure the protection that Vanesa Piedrabuena deserves.

If there is anybody in your organization who can speak Spanish, please phone the numbers below (if possible, do it today).

You can also send faxes or emails in Spanish or English.

Comisión por las Minorías Sexuales y Portadores de VIH/SIDA
ph: (54) 351 434 30 46
fax: (54 351) 434 30 46
Defensor del Pueblo de la Provincia de Córdoba
Dr. José María Zamanillo
ph: (54) 351 423 98 16
fax: (54 351) 434 20 60 or 434 20 61

Let's act today! The life of a courageous activist and the right of any citizen to denounce the crimes committed by State institutions are at risk.

For more information, including instances of house search and intimidation against Vanesa Piedrabuena, as well as background information on the death of Vanesa Ledesma and the state of the investigation in that case, please go to:

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