Argentina: Right To Pension Without Discrimination


A proposal to amend Article 53 in Law 24.241 that regulates the "Sistema Integrado de Jubilaciones y Pensiones" (the administration of government-funded pensions) was introduced to the Argentina National Parliament in September 28, 1998, by representative Alfredo Villalba. The proposed amendment would have made eligible for a pension any person who could prove five years of cohabitation with another, prior to the latter's death. The amendment would have applied regardless of the gender of the cohabitating persons.

As the proposal was never discussed, it had to be reintroduced on April 14, 2000. Even then it was not possible to get the MPs to discuss it.

The proposal was introduced for a third time on February 28, 2002 as "Proj 438 D 02" by MPs Alfredo Villalba, Alicia Castro, , Alfredo Bravo, Marcela Bordenave and Margarita Stolbizer. The "ComisiÛn de PrevisiÛn y Seguridad Social" (Social Security and Pensions Commission) has not yet addressed it.

Activists from Buenos Aires request emails to be sent to the members of that Commission demanding that they discuss the project at their next meeting.

You will find below the letter originally written by local activists in Spanish and an English translation by IGLHRC. We suggest you send the Spanish version.


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SAMPLE LETTER (Spanish version)

Buenos Aires 1º de julio de 2002

S / D.

De mi mayor consideración :

Solicito tenga a bien considerar el tratamiento en la próxima reunión de la comisión que Ud. preside el proyecto de Ley, de autoría del Dip. Nacional Alfredo Villalba, ingresado en la Honorable Cámara de Diputados bajo el siguiente numero de expediente :

638 D 02 Derecho a pensión del conviviente sobreviviente sin importar su condición sexual. modif.. del Art. 53 de la Ley 24.241

Sin otro particular saludo a Ud. atentamente.

(your name, address and organization)

(English translation)

To the President of the Social Security and Pensions Commission
MP Octavio Zuñiga

Dear Sir,

We kindly request that the Commission of which you are President discuss in its next meeting the proposal authored by MP Alfredo Villalba, submitted to the Honorable Chamber of Deputies under the number 638 D 02 Right to the surviving domestic partner regardless of his/her sexual orientation, that would modify Article 53 in Law 24.241.

Yours sincerely,


For background information, please see our August 16, 2001 forwarded action, titled "Support Amendment to the Pension Law" at