Argentinian Trans Rights Activist, Diana Sacayan, Found Dead in her Apartment

Diana Sacayán, Argentinian Trans Rights Activist

It is with deep sorrow and concern that OutRight received news of the death of Diana Sacayán, an Argentinian trans rights activist.

"The last time I saw her was at ILGA –Mexico where she shared her experiences and goals regarding trans rights. She was a force of nature, opinionated, powerful and very clear about the importance of fighting for gender identity recognition but in combination with the struggle for redistribution of resources,” says Maria Mercedes Gómez, LAC Regional Program Coordinator.

We send our condolences and solidarity to the LGBTIQ movement in Argentina. To our friends at the Instituto Nacional contra la DIscriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (INADI), we hope her meaningless death contributes to open eyes and hearts for justice as her life did.

Photo credit: Página/12 from article, "La activista que militó su vida"

One of her last posts on twitter is from a recognition of her work: