Colombia: Family Court Issues Ground-Breaking Verdict in Favour of Gay widow

Harold and Dagoberto lived together as a couple for more than 5 years in Bogota, Colombia. Dagoberto was living with HIV. He was hospitalized several times and, as his family ignored him, Harold was his only caretaker. Dagoberto spent the last month of his life in the hospital, with Harold constantly by his bedside.
Dagoberto's body was cremated and immediately after the ceremony, his family took possession of the apartment in which he and Harold had lived, expelling Harold -- as he was not the legal owner. The ensuing legal battle between Harold and Dagoberto's father and nephews took two and one half years. Finally, Colombia's Family Court 6 stated that, taking into account the fact that "Harold had been the deceased's partner, having lived in a gay relationship with him dating from more than four years ago", he had a right to be considered the sole heir of Dagoberto's property.

This is the first verdict ever issued by a Family Court in Colombia recognizing inheritance rights for gay couples. It constitutes a significant step towards the achievement of equal legal status for the range of different family structures that exist in the world.

IGLHRC congratulates Dr. Luis Eduardo Gonzalez Abril and his working team of attorneys for this recognition, and asks for letters of congratulation to be sent to the court which issued the decision:

Juzgado 6 de Familia
Avenida 19 No 6-44 piso 4
Santafe de Bogotá - Colombia

Please send a copy of your letter to:

Germán Humberto Rincón Perfetti
G&M DE COLOMBIA ABOGADOS (Líderes en Acción)
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