India: National Human Rights Commission Ignores Complaints of Psychiatric Abuse of Homosexuals


On July 18, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India held a hearing on Case 3920, a complaint of alleged psychiatric abuse toward a homosexual patient, and formally decided to 'file' it--a term used when this body does "not want to take cognizance of the case" and effectively closes it. In a prior correspondence, the NHRC wrote to the Milan Project: "On perusal, the Commission did not find it fit to take any further action in the matter," adding that "sexuality minority rights did not fall under the purview of human rights," according to media reports. Activists in Delhi were shocked and enraged by this decision and vowed to continue the fight to end aversion therapy and other forms of psychiatric abuse designed to convert the homosexuality of patients.

IGLHRC is extremely disappointed by the NHRC's decision; however, it recommends no further action on this case at this moment.