LGBTI News Turkey Week in Review: February 16-23, 2014

IGLHRC believes that a vital part of our mission is supporting the work of activist organizations and allies by disseminating important information on human rights issues affecting LGBT communities worldwide. To this end we are posting this weekly roundup from LGBTI News Turkey. LGBTI News Turkey is a group of volunteer-translators dedicated to providing English translations and sources on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) issues in Turkey for journalists, activists, scholars and the general public.

February 17, 2014. "LBT Women, Too, Met in Ankara to “Break the Chain"" 

“The morals of the heterosexist order is the killer of many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people” said Köse, mentioning lesbians who are forced into marriage, bisexuals raped due to their sexual orientation and hate crimes.


February 18, 2014. "LGBTI High School Students: We organize solidarity, not hatred!" 

The LGBTI high school students who stated, “Our fight will continue until the corridors get colored rainbows, until our colors spill from books and until we have access to education as equally, free and in our mother tongue.” You can contact this group on their Facebook page.


February 18, 2014. "Kaos GL’s Military Brochure for Homosexuals" 

The health checks of persons to be drafted into the military are conducted according to the procedures and principles of the Turkish Armed Forces Health Capability Regulations. Articles 17/3, 17/3- D/4 of the Appendix of Diseases and Disorders of the aforementioned regulations define psychosexual disorder and advanced psychosexual disorder.


February 19, 2014. "In Dersim, a rainbow appears under the moonlight" 

“We dedicated the name Roştîya Asmê to transgender sex workers who are imprisoned at home in mornings, in darkness at nights, whose rainbows appear under the moonlight, and to homosexuals and transgenders who are slaughtered in the darkness of night, under the light of the moon.”


February 20, 2014. "Objectionable homosexuals will not serve in the military!" 

In the new regulation, the title “Gender Identity and Behavioral Disorders” has been added to the procedures. Under this title the following regulation has been issued: “For someone to be included in this clause their gender identity and behavioral patterns must have been apparent to the highest degree for their entire life and it must be concluded that it would cause or has caused objections in the military environment.” Photos will not be required.


February 20, 2014. "BDP Sebahat Tuncel’s Parliamentary Question on the Military"                                      

"What are the requirements made of those who wish not to serve in the military due to their sexual orientation, prior to granting them an “unfit for service” report? Is it true that persons declaring different sexual orientations are asked to provide photos or videos of sexual intercourse – an inhumane request that violates personal rights?  If this is indeed true, are there any efforts to abolish this practice?"


February 21, 2014. "Kızılay Shopping Mall: We Do Not Allow People of Your Kind to Enter!"

Two trans women, Asena and Hazal, who went to meet their friend Yasmin at Ankara’s “Kızılay Shopping Mall” shopping mall were stopped by private security at the entrance. The security chief justified the situation by saying that “President Gül has a directive that prevents people of your kind getting in.” Asena and Hazal left the scene without making any complaint about the violation.


February 21, 2014. “Shopping Mall Executive Director: Trans Women Are Welcome, Too”

“It is not that you cannot kiss or hug at Kızılay Shopping Mall. We do not overwhelm people. But as a lady, I know the right balance,” said Ekinci, inviting trans women as well to Kızılay AVM. The trans women who were not allowed in can enter the place “after everything cools down,” she added.


February 22, 2014. “Transphobic Hate Murder in Antep”

Trans woman Sevda Başar was murdered by her boyfriend Ethem Orhan on Wednesday. After the killer confessed his crime both to his family and to the military police, the military police found Sevda Başar’s dead body today. Başar received her pink identity card approximately one and a half months ago. Her body was washed in a male ghusl (a place of body-washing of the deceased), disregarding her gender identity. In addition, Başar’s family did not accept trans-individuals to the funeral and made the statement that, “our son has died in a car accident.”

February 22, 2014. ““Reply from Ministry of National Defense to Parliamentary Question by Sebahat Tuncel” 

Section B, Clause 3: “Psychosexual Disorders: This clause is relevant for those whose sexual behavioral disorder is revealed in the military and would thus cause problems. Such a condition must be proved through the questionnaire of the unit or other formal documents.”


February 23, 2014. “Homophobic Police Attack During Internet Censorship Protests”

Hevi LGBTI member Sezer Yekta was among the people taken into custody. Police officers battered Yekta and took him into custody with the charge that he was holding a rainbow flag. Yekta was targeted by officers with homophobic insults and harassment.