LGBTI News Turkey Week in Review: March 31-April 6, 2014

IGLHRC believes that a vital part of our mission is supporting the work of activist organizations and allies by disseminating important information on human rights issues affecting LGBT communities worldwide. To this end we are posting this weekly roundup from LGBTI News Turkey. LGBTI News Turkey is a group of volunteer-translators dedicated to providing English translations and sources on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) issues in Turkey for journalists, activists, scholars and the general public.

Last week we started our Hate Speech file with articles from conservative Turkish daily newspaper Yeni Akit. Really, Yeni Akit is hate speech all around but they especially target LGBTI issues and activists.

March 31, 2014. Yeni Akit: CHP Collaborates with Perverts

CHP’s love for perverts is relentless. Melda Onur, the CHP MP for Istanbul, who has been engaged in collaborative work with the “International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission” (IGLHRC) regarding sexual perverts, went all the way to the UN headquarters in New York City to defend this group’s “rights.”

March 31, 2014. Yeni Akit: Toprak, MP from the CHP works as if she is the representative of the homosexuals

Binnaz Toprak, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Member of Parliament for Istanbul, works as though she is the representative of homosexuals in the Turkish General Assembly.

March 31, 2014. Yeni Akit: Gezi looters’ last hope is Homos

The organizers of the Gezi Park protests will meet with homos. Activists were taken from Kadıköy, Istanbul, to Diyarbakır for free yesterday night. They will meet LGBT delegates (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans) involved in activities in Diyarbakır.

March 31, 2014. Yeni Akit: Kaos GL’s attempt to ‘silence Akit’ bounced back from the Court again

Kaos GL attempted to silence our newspaper following our reports about the activities of organizations that go against social values. This attempt resulted in an acquittal. The hypocrisy of those who speak about “freedom of expression” and object to “media censorship” at every opportunity is revealed yet again.  

March 31, 2014. Yeni Akit: Support to Perverts From BDP and CHP

The CHP and BDP have turned into sponsors of perversion. Their “support for perversion” is clear in their reaction to the latest Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Disciplinary Law, in which homosexuality and similar perversions remain grounds for dismissal.

April 1, 2014. Trans Prisoners are on Hunger Strike!

Samsun Bafra T-Type Prison has previously been in the public arena for rights infringements directed at vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan. The prison continues to expand its record of rights breaches. Trans inmates began an indefinite hunger strike against the prison administration’s transphobic attitudes and rights breaches. Today (29 March 2014) is the 29th day of the strike.

April 5, 2014. Supreme Election Committee: LGBTI Activist Çakmak Not Elected to the Beşiktaş Municipality Council

The Supreme Election Committee (YSK) started to release the official results of the local elections. According to the official results, none of the LGBTI activists who were candidates in the local elections won membership to the municipality council. Though the unofficial results had revealed that Sedef Çakmak won membership to the Beşiktaş Municipality Council, she had been left outside of the council. She was in the 27th position and 26 candidates from the Republican People’s Party won seats in the Beşiktaş council.

April 5, 2014. Yeni Akit: EU, Benefactor of Perverts!

One of the articles easily ignored from the 2013 Turkey Progress Report was the fact that the European Union was setting itself up to be the benefactor of deviant homosexuality. The European Union proved itself to be a backer of the disgraceful lobby that introduced the concept of “hate crimes” in order to antagonize those who show any kind of opposition to those who seek to ridicule and spew hate towards such sacred values as Turkish – Islamic family structure, Turkish Independence and Individuality.